Course Summary for USA and Sierra Leone

Courses are the same in both programs.  The classroom is mixed-age with appropriate instructions.  The course work focuses on the book selected for our play.  The selected book is used as the theme for all our coursework subjects, exploring different parts of the world.

Math activities will change monthly.  We will Use “Math in the Garden” developed for to teach number, operations, algebra, measurement, geometry, patterns and data analysis.

Theater/Art/Read Aloud
Students will be provided a script for “Anklet for a Princess” by Lila Mehta. Theater activities will be focused on memorizing script and visualization to create background scenery.  All text will be read aloud by teachers and sometimes students.  At the end of the program session each child will be given a copy of "Anklet for a Princess" for their home library or to begin their home library.

We will explore colorful vegetables and fruits and learn how they help us stay healthy.

Social Studies
We will explore Asia and learn about India by reading aloud selected stories from “Indian Children’s Favorite Stories” by Rosemarie Somaiah

We will exercise using “Move to Improve” and learn Indian traditional or modern dance.

Theater-performance of “Anklet for a Princess” and Indian Dance
Math- collecting data and showing data in a bar graph
Nutrition - Growing a Garden indoors(USA -milk carton) outdoors(Sierra Leone - constructed flower box)